"John is a high energy Sourcing executive who has the whole toolbox. He has strong analytical skills, solid experience in international sourcing, is multilingual, and is capable of organizing and managing a complex, multi-location Sourcing team. In addition, John has the moral character that you want in an organization and is infectiously positive. I appreciate John's positive and direct problem solving methodology, and his ability to stay calm in the most demanding situations. I highly recommend John for any executive Sourcing position, but especially those requiring the ability to function and organize internationally."

  • ...from Terry Garner, General Manager of CVC-SBU - Circor International, Inc.

"John upholds high standards both professionally and personally. One of the things I appreciate most about John is his ability to understand and articulate macro as well as micro supply chain concepts. I have found John to be a champion of continuous improvement in the areas of manufacturing resource planning and execution. John's adds value to teams/companies as he works to ensure his team members are fully engaged and utilized as he promotes the vision of the team/company in a very uniquely positive way"

  • ...from Randall Moss, Global Master Scheduler - OG&E

"When consulting on a project, John promptly replied and enthusiastically offered to help immediately after sending an email describing the situation and presenting a few questions. When we were on a global conference call, John provided a clear and concise summary overview of what he was going to discuss, presented a comprehensive overview of the topics in question, regularly asked if the information he was providing was on target, and provided amble opportunities for my partners and I to ask questions and comment on our work thus far. The bottom line is that John was a pleasure to work with. He met our needs in a prompt and courteous manner. We are grateful for his help and enthusiasm for our project!"

  • ...... Matt Valkovic, Global Field Operations Manager - Spirit of America

"Excellent presentation!"

  • ......from Kay Bills, President - Mid-America Government Industry Coalition, Inc